Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manifest4U?

Manifest4U is a private fraternal organization that provides a welcoming environment for men who enjoy the pleasure and company of other men. We provide a safe environment for men to meet, relax and enjoy other men. 

What Manifest4U is NOT - we are not a bath house, so there are no wet areas, which means there are no need for towels. We are not a bar or club, so there is no alcohol or dance floor (not only do we not serve it, but it is not allowed in the clubhouse). We are not a 'swingers' club, as women are not allowed in the clubhouse (only men). 

Do you offer lockers?

The short answer is YES!

Our lockers are FREE to use.

You are free to bring your own padlock or you may borrow on of our padlocks for a small deposit of $5. We'll return the full deposit when you return the lock. 

Do you accept Credit Cards?

The short answer is YES!

We accept all Major Credit & Debit Cards*. 

*(debit cards must display the Visa or MC Logo on the front of the card, though).


How are you different from other places?

Manifest is about changing the old ways and evolving to a newer, enlightened standard. While we do provide access to the internet, we encourage socializing and face to face interaction inside the clubhouse. We are community focused and we exist to provide a quality facility for our members to meet each other and interact.  

Is this a bathhouse?

No, a bathhouse typically offers showers, hot tubs, steam rooms etc...

We do not offer any wet areas such as those. But you will find many of the same interactions!

 If you are looking specifically for a bathhouse, consider checking out Flex Atlanta.

Do you offer towels?

No, as we do not offer any wet areas (such as showers, saunas or hot tubs, etc...) we do not offer towels.

If you are looking specifically for a bathhouse, consider checking out Flex Atlanta.

What types of guys come to Manifest?

We welcome all men who identify as gay, bi-sexual or curious. We have quite a selection of men who are all handsome & intelligent in their own ways. We encourage our members to be open to many types of experiences, but we don't have a specific type of guy that comes to the club.

We encourage you to come check out the club, and our members, for yourself. You might just find 'your type' of guy here.

Do you rent rooms?

Rooms are NOT for rent inside the clubhouse.


Once you pay your membership dues & entry fees, our entire facility is open to be used by our members. There are no additional charges.


However, we do have quite a number of private booths that are available on a first come first served basis. Please be courteous with private booths as other members would like to use them as well. 

Is smoking allowed?

While smoking is not allowed in the matrix or the front lounge, we DO have a smoking lounge in the back of the clubhouse for our members who wish to smoke.


This lounge is equipped with a large screen TV and ventilation fans. 

Do you serve alcohol?

No, we are not licensed to serve alcohol in the clubhouse.

We cannot allow members to bring alcohol into the clubhouse, per Georgia State law.

We are an Alcohol and Drug Free Facility

Do you have to be a member?

The short answer is Yes.

In order for us to comply with local and state laws, as a private social club, we may only provide access to the clubhouse to private members.

Is membership auto billed?

No.  We do not keep any credit card numbers on file and thus we do not auto-bill for membership. You must be present with your card in order to renew or obtain your initial membership.

How do I become a member?

Memberships are generally available at the door.

(We do reserve the right to stop accepting memberships at any time)


You will be required to pay your memberships dues and complete a membership application. For current dues and membership information, please visit our membership section.

Do you offer any specials or discounts?

We occasionally offer specials or discounts off entry fees and during special membership drives.  


The best way to keep informed of these special offers is to get "Hook-Up" our Weekly Members' Only Newsletter. You can sign up to 'hooked up' with your application or by stopping off at the Front Desk during your visit.

Is Manifest a nonprofit organization?

Yes, we are registered with the State of Georgia as a non-profit corporation. Our founder did not setup Manifest to make money. He did it because it is something our community  needed, " bring guys out from behind their computer screens; to educate, explore and facilitate meeting in person and face-to-face."


So many times men experience shame about their desires for same-sex relations. It's far past time we had a quality facility to meet in; rather than the back-rooms where we hid our desires in the past.  


While the staff that maintains the clubhouse does receive a small wage; no one is getting rich. The rent and overhead expenses consume most of your membership dues & fees. 


Occasionally when Manifest has a surplus, contributions are made to organizations like Atlanta Pride, Lost-N-Found YouthPositive Impact and other various, gay affirming, organizations.

Do you keep my information private?

We are required, by state and local laws, to keep a roster/database of our members' names, date of births, and proof of age. This information is kept on a private, secured server that ensures your privacy. 


Your email address is optional; however, several of our members enjoy keeping informed of our special events and offers. We will never give or sell  your e-mail address or other personal information to any third parties without your express written permission.


Your privacy is highly regarded.