Connection and Camaraderie

Today, many of us are struggling, hungry for new ways of being with and for each other. Manifest 4U is about what we all want no matter what our beliefs or backgrounds are.
M4U is exploring and promoting new ways to support and shape our evolving male culture. We want to be a catalyst in creating a more caring community that is free to make its most fundamental and humane values manifest, both publicly and privately.

M4U is bringing men together in an environment that encourages us to embrace our most loving and primal natures.

Change is possible, inevitable, continuous and necessary. M4U strives to redefine gay male culture, challenging men to do better with and for each other & to honor the men's lives who paved our evolution.

It’s about making the world we visualize, Manifest4U.


Clubhouse Features

Your membership entitles you to full use of the clubhouse, including the following features:

  • Internet Cafe
    (includes 3 hardwired computer stations)

  • FREE Wi-Fi

  • Smoke Free Media Area

  • Separate Smoking Lounge

  • Lockers
    (bring your own lock or borrow one of ours)

  • The Play Matrix
    (includes Stonewall Ally, Castro Street, Halsted Street & Theater)

We are an Alcohol and Drug Free Facility