The Clubhouse

The clubhouse is made up of several different areas and while there are many of places to explore and enjoy the company of others, you won't find any wet areas (like a pool, showers, saunas or a hot tub ). So let's a take a quick look at what you can expect...

What to Expect

Upon exiting the check-in lobby, you will walk into the entrance hallway to the internet cafe. This is a very laid back, relaxed area. It has computers to surf the internet, restrooms and lounge areas. This is a good place for completing phone calls or having a conversation with another member.  A big screen TV displays upcoming special events and other information for our members. 

Continue on back into the locker room where you will find lockers that are FREE to use. If you bring your own lock, you're all set! If not, don't fret, we have locks you can borrow at the front desk for a refundable $5 deposit. You'll also find some small lockers with chargers for most phones and portable devices.

M4U Logo Wall

After securing your belongings and moving further into the clubhouse, you will  enter a maze of private booths, a theater with stadium seating, a jail cell, puppy cage, dark room, Czech booths, bondage wall, and a variety of cruising areas.  Our booths are available on a first come-first serve-basis.  Use one for a short time them move on to your next activity.  Unlike bathhouses, we do not rent rooms. 

Towards the front of the maze, you will find the media room (think living room with comfy sofas and chairs). You will also find a St Andrews Cross, a bondage table & sling in this area - each secluded enough for you to enjoy some intimate time with other members.    

As you move further into the back of the maze you will find another theater and our smoking room. The smoking room is the only area in the clubhouse in which you are allowed to smoke. You'll find chairs a couch and even a large lounge bed to relax and enjoy your favorite cigar or cigarette.  (Please note - the clubhouse does NOT sell or distribute any tobacco products)

Here are a few snapshots taken of the clubhouse to give you a better idea of what you can expect after arriving.