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About Manifest 4U


Today, many gay men are struggling, hungry for new ways of being with each other. Manifest4U is about what we all want, no matter our beliefs or backgrounds.

M4U is exploring and promoting new ways to support and shape our evolving male culture. We want to be a catalyst in creating a more caring community that is free to make its most fundamental and human values manifest, both publicly and privately.

M4U is bringing men together in an environment that encourages us to embrace our most loving and primal natures.

Change is possible, inevitable, continuous and necessary. M4U strives to redefine gay male culture, challenging men to do better with and for each other & to honor the men's lives who paved our evolution. 

It’s about Manifesting the the world we visualize 4 U.


Manifest4U was founded by Louis R. in 2009. In Louis's travels he had the opportunity to visit gay men's social clubs from across the United States and Europe. He realized Atlanta as a world class city did not have a club at the caliber available in other cities and set about creating Manifest4U. He pulled together a core group to serve board of directors and established a nonprofit corporation for this social club. Lou loaned the the club the startup funds required for paint, supplies, furnishings, technology, rent and security deposits, etc. It is because of his dream and willingness to act on it that Manifest4U came to life. 

Lou served as executive director from 2009 to 2015. In 2015 Lou retired to pursue other business interest and handed over the reins to Paul S. who was promoted from the operations director. 

While the club will change over time it does so under the original concepts put in place by Lou. To provide a world class social club for gay men in Atlanta. A place where guys can meet in real-time away from the chat rooms and dating apps in a safe environment that reinforces self image and builds a stronger/healthier community of gay men.

Once our bills our paid, Manifest4U regularly donates to organizations like: Lost-n-Found Youth, M.I.S.T.E.R., Touching Up Our Roots, Atlanta Sisters, Ruby Red's Bingo, Hotlanta Softball, Protect Your Monster, etc.

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