What's it like inside?

First half of the building is a very low pressure area. It has computers to surf the internet, free soft drinks, snacks, big screen, TV lounging in a living room setting. As you pass the lockers, you enter the second half of the building which offers a maze of private booths, theater with stadium seating, and a variety of cruising areas. Beyond that you will find a lounge area for smokers.

Do you offer lockers?

Yes, our lockers are free to use. Please, bring your own padlock. For a small deposit of $5 you may use one of our padlocks. We'll return the full deposit when you return the lock.

Does M4U accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express.

How are you different from the other places?

Manifest4U is about changing the old ways and evolving to a newer, enlightened standard. We are community focused. We exist to provide quality facility for our membership.

Is this a bathhouse?

No, we do not offer showers, hot tubs, etc. If you are looking specifically for a bathhouse, consider checking out: Flex

Do you offer towels?

No, we do not offer towels. Nor do we have showers.

What kind of guys come to M4U?

All gay & Bisexual men are welcome. We have quite a selection of men who are all handsome & intelligent in their own ways. We hope you will come check it out and explore for yourself.

Do you rent a rooms?

No, once you pay the membership & daily entry dues, our entire facility is open to be used by our membership. There are no additional charges for anything. We do not offer hotel rooms as such. We do have quite a number of private booths that are available first come first serve.

Is smoking allowed?

We have an exhaust vented lounge area in the back that serves as our designated smoking & vaping area. This lounge is equipped with a large screen TV, seating, daybeds, and ash trays. 

Do you have to be a member?

Yes, this is how a club like us must operate under local and state laws.

How does one become a member?

The application process is quick and mostly painless. $25 Will cover your first visit and 6 month membership. Subsequent visits are $17 (dues). Special discounts for emailed members.  Occasional special events may have additional cost. Those rate will be included announcements in our emailed newsletter, posters in the club, and Facebook events page

Does M4U offer specials?

From time to time we do offer special events or discounts off the usual dues. The best way to keep informed of these specials is to join our "Members Only" e-mail list. 

Is M4U non-profit?

Yes, we are registered with the State of Georgia as a non-profit corporation. Our founder did not setup M4U to make money. He did it because it is something our community needed. "...to bring guys out from behind their computer screens; to educate, explore and facilitate meeting in person and face-to-face."

So many times men experience shame about their desires for same-sex relations. It's far past time we had a quality facility to meet in. Rather than the back-rooms where we hid our desires in the past. While the staff that maintains M4U does receive a small wage, No one is getting rich. The rent and overhead expenses consume most of the membership dues. Occasionally when M4U has a surplus, contributions are made to organizations like Atlanta Pride, Lost-N-Found Youth and other various gay affirming organizations.

Are the membership records kept private?

Our database is kept very private. We are required to keep a roster/database of Name, DOB, and proof of age. Email address is optional; however, several of our members enjoy keeping informed of our special events and discounted dues. Your (and our members) privacy is highly regarded.